Denuclearized Family

Designers: Adriana Noritz and Luke Weaver
Project: Speculative look at AI’s role in the household
Role: Creative Direction, Object Design, Photography
Models: Sammi Jones, Jasmine Jay, and Jasmine’s little sister
Denuclearized Family is a narrative developed through a series of detailed physical models and stylized portraits. Our goal was to speculate on the image of a potential future where AI plays an essential role in a functioning family. We developed a visual identity, a system of prototypes, and an extensive narrative of a family which profiled a father, a son, a daughter, and an AI playing the role of “mother”. 

Denuclearized Family was presented at the 2019 AIGA National Design Conference in collaboration with Matthew Wizinesky. It was a finalist at the PRIMER19 Emerging Designer Exhibition.

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AI Control Panel
A comprehensive set of physical models create the control panel for the AI. By pulling upon retro-futurist aesthetics, these models create a nostalgia for a lost future and make the nubelous ideas of AI interaction easily understood. Each set of buttons, knobs, switches, units, and modules, allows the viewer to imagine what decisions they might make in this potential future.


Information Drives

Coding Book, Family Heirloom

Medicinal Module

User Profile Discs

AI Child Monitor

Medicinal module prescription and packaging

Module Extension Packs

User 1 [Father] & AI Control Panel

User 2 [Son] learning how to influence the AI’s output

User 1 customizing AI outputs

User 3 [Daughter] drawing on her AI MonitorToy